Car WMS/VGS Car Warranty Products:
  • 4* Warranty Cover £1000 claim limit (cars up to 10 years old/100,000 miles at start date): Cover includes the breakdown of certain components under the following headings: engine, manual/auto gearbox, timing belts turbo, drive system, brakes, steering, cooling system, propshaft, fuel system, suspension, wheel bearings, clutch, electrical, casings.
  • 5* Warranty Cover £1500 claim limit (cars up to 5 years old/60,000 miles at start date): During the period of insurance, all non-modified mechanical and electrical items will be insured against breakdown except those listed under exclusions.
The 'ULTIMATE' Warranty £2000 claim limit (cars up to 6 years old/60,000 miles at start date):
  • Parts Covered - During the specified period, almost all of the original manufacturer's mechanical and electrical components of the vehicle are insured against total failure except those listed under parts not covered.
Cover also includes:
  • Wear and Tear
    Up to 85,000 miles
  • Timing Belts
    Providing there is evidence that the manufacturers' replacement recommendations have been complied with and they are free from oil contamination.
  • Manufacturers' Original in-Car Entertainment and Sat Nav
    Covered to a maximum of £500
  • Battery (excluding hybrid batteries)
    Included for 6 months from the date of purchase
  • Diagnosis
    Diagnosis is covered for up to one hour per valid claim.
  • Vehicle Recovery
    In the event of a valid claim, tow-in charges up to £100 including VAT will form part of the maximum claims liability.
  • Car Hire
    In the event of a valid claim car hire is available for a maximum of 5 days at £20.00 per day. After the first 24 hours of the vehicle being off the road, a receipt from a national car hire company will be required (i.e Avis, National, Target, Budget etc). Pre-authorisation must be obtained for this service in addition to the repair authorisation.
  • Parts Not Covered
    Chassis, Bodywork, interior and exterior trim, locks, latches, catches, glass, panoramic sunroof, tyres, exhaust systems, exhaust manifold, diesel particulate filters, catalytic converters, fuel tanks, oil seals, external oil or fluid leaks, cleaning of fuel lines, road wheels, keys, key cards, remote fobs, tracker systems, head up display, all light units, bulbs including gas filled, LED's, Xenon starter units, air conditioning recharging, heater elements, telephone, air bags, all service items, for instance brake pads, shoes and filters and any other part that has a service life.

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